Pedicure is the key to getting the best relaxation for your feet. In our chain of Massage Parlours, Pedicure is done with an essence of royalty. It is always the clandestine fact behind a Happy feet. Commencing from the Old Nail polish removal and cutting finally the Toenails, Pedicure is all set ready to work on any person who wants to experience the essence of utmost professional Foot Massage.

In our chain of parlours, Pedicure is not simply a quick brushing and cleaning process. It is indeed a somewhat time taking process which will make our clients feel princely. Yes …. We feel that it is our responsibility to make them feel the same. That is where we earn the reputation.

Pedicure if seen in the other way round is truly a simple treatment. It includes on priority the Foot soaking and the Foot scrubbing with a Pumice or else Foot file. Following this, it will focus on the nails. Apart from this, Nail clipping and shaping is something which will really add the finishing touch to your nails. Beyond this, you have the benefit of the Foot and Calf Massage. Lastly, you will have the Nail polishing also.

We believe in professionalism and it is not only believed but also implemented for all our clients who visit to our Massage parlours for the Pedicure. The most significant part of the story is that the ultimate aim in this procedure is to get the most smooth feet. In order to achieve this, our Therapists should be hygienic. They maintain their cleanliness and then only take a step forward to provide the Pedicure. It is always known that a lot of infections spread through nails.

Keeping this fact in mind, our Therapists will always keep themselves groomed and help our clients achieve the pinnacle of a blissful essence of having the most beautiful feet.