Beauty And Bridal

Bridal Make up is one amongst the most expected Make up which is expected from the Bride of the day. With those blush of that rose and the Lip liners lining the dark of the red lips, as if that single wedding day is the most expected day for every Bride. Times have changed and these days this craze has and is capturing the minds of the Grooms !! That is true. Every mind is at some point of time eager to feel the special. Moreover, our Bridal Make up artists have the appropriate knowledge whether how to create that special look exactly as per your expectation. Those dazzles of the sparkles as if makes any Bride feel the most ecstasic and content. Commencing from the most basic task of applying the Rose water, cleaning, cleansing, applying the serum and then finally the Base cream followed by the Compact powder. Everything is done with the expertise of our Bridal Make up Artists within the least time but with accurate perfection !!

               Bridal Make up Artists in our Massage parlors perform the keen observation on the basic looks of the Bride and then proceed forward. Every step done by our Bridal Make up artists is very carefully performed based on the texture of the skin. They will make it a point not to spoil the skin. Everything happens in one go !! The bridal Make up artists are well mentored with the techniques of satisfying our customers. They know it well that every Bride will ask for a different Eye Make up or else a different touch of Lip stick. There is something called that uniqueness which is created by our Bridal Make up Artists in the way they touch the shadow of the Eye Liner, the coat of the Lipstick and at the same time  the thickness of the compact. I think our expected Brides would like to get the touch of our Bridal Make up Artists. Continue Reading.